After My Born Again Experience

I learned that being “born again” is just the beginning…

Britain in Revolt

Thousands of soldiers are left destitute upon returning home from war...

Indemnity is Unseeing Evil

Suffering is never caused by God since God is the Cause of man and He created us out of joy...

Transhumanism and Immortality

The Transhumanist movement is essentially atheistic, Socialistic, eugenic...

In My Father's Arms

In Your Father's arms you will find perfection of oneness in heart with God.

Breach of the First Amendment Right

1st Amendment attacked by tech giants, establishment media, 3rd party fact-checkers and moderators.

Forgive Thy Father!

Forgive your Father, for it was not His will that you live in misery.

Make Britain Great Again

People are asking the same questions, “What are we going to do? Who is going to speak up?”

The Prodigals Are Coming Home!

God urges all His sons and daughters that it is not too late...

The Soul Within

What is a soul? Recognizing you have a soul is the first step in your spiritual life.

The Words of God

We search each day for what is true to give meaning to our lives. Have you listened to God's words?

The Crown and the Rod of Iron

Wearing the crown is the symbol of kingship and signifies the sovereignty of true families.

Freedom and Liberty

Humanity as a whole is living at a stand-off against the forces of tyranny. What should we do?

A Woman’s 40-Day Plan to Reinvent a Marriage!

Try this for 40 days and see for yourself as an incredible shift takes place in your marriage.