Do you have a strong faith in God, but do not feel at home with the institutional nature of most churches? Or are you searching for fellow Christians who are also politically engaged? Learn how your moral and political values are being addressed by the Bible by taking a course or gathering with other Christians who share your concerns and core values. Join us for Sunday service, Bible study, or attend events with fellow Christian patriots.

Sunday Service

Sanctuary Church is a Christian church focused on building stronger families, communities, and nations through scripture-based teachings. Members from many different backgrounds, cultures, and upbringings come together to help bring morality back into the public sphere. Sanctuary Church is a strong supporter of the right to bear arms and focuses on where God's word, politics, morality, and culture intersect.

Tune in on Rumble for Sunday Service each week at 11am EST

Take Classes

Sanctuary Church offers Bible study, classes, youth camps, and Sunday school. The Sanctuary website offers resources for Divine Principle Bible Study including PowerPoint slides, Zoom Classes, videos, and notes for study. Also available are speech and sermon transcripts, textbook downloads, and other resources. Holy Spirit University class registration is available through the Christ Kingdom Gospel website with descriptions of each class.


Pastor Sean Moon has written several books. The following are his most recent that may be of interest to 2nd Amendment Christians and are available for purchase (descriptions of each book on the shop page): 

Past Events