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We believe in America. You know, the America our Founding Fathers originally intended. Not this "America" our biased media wants us to believe in. We think for ourselves. We believe the 2nd Amendment applies to all freedom loving individuals - across the planet. We believe it's time to stand together - against tyrants and the destroyers of freedom. Freedom is fragile. Freedom is under attack. Freedom must be defended immediately. Now, are you with us?

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Interview with Erich Pratt

Excerpt taken from the King's Report on August 23, 2018.

Mao Zedong admits that Political Power came from the Barrel of a Gun

This clip was taken from Sunday Service broadcasted on March 25, 2018.

What if the Returning Messiah was not White? Would you Follow Him?

This clip was taken from The King's Report broadcasted on April 17, 2018.

The End Times is Here, But the Rapture isn't Coming

This clip was taken from The King's Report broadcasted on April 13, 2018.

Rally for Freedom - Sunrise Florida

Mark Robinson headlined the rally along with other great patriots. Pastor Moon ' Address.

Interview with Andrew Hallinian

Hyung Jin Sean Moon interview with Andrew Hallinian, Commander in Chief of Florida Gun Supply

Peace Police Peace Militia Intro

Watch the full video on Vimdeo by clicking the link.

Deep State's War on America

Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, InfoWars Washington DC, Bureau Chief

Interview with Maj Toure, Founder of "Black Guns Matter"

Clip taken from The King's Report broadcasted on May 14, 2018.

Interview with Mark Robinson

Interview with Mark Robinson, 2nd Amendment CHAMPION at Greensboro NC City Council.

Building a Positive, Powerful, Joyful Marriage that is a Blessing for Everyone.

Clip from the April 26, 2018 King's Report by Pastor Hyung Jin Sean Moon.

Leftists Afraid of Gene Death by Alpha Males & Females

Beta leftists are afraid of "Gene Death" because they can't compete for alpha males & females

A Call to All Christians: Take up your Crown and Rod of Iron

Rev. Sean Moon speaks on the importance of Patriots and Alpha Christians to stand up now!

Interview with Larry Pratt

Larry speaks on gun control, the Bible, and history.

Evil in Christ's Millennial Reign

According to Revelation 20 Evil will still exist during Christ's Millennial Reign


2nd Amendment of the Constitution SHALL not be infringed

It is a Universal Right

2nd Amendment is a Universal Right

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Larry Pratt, HostGun Owner’s News Hour Radio on GCN
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The EU’s War Against the Christian UK

Marie Koh

Will the globalist EU prove to be the greatest tyrannical order the world has ever seen? I guess we are about to find out...

After My Born Again Experience

Marcus Rennie

I learned that being “born again” is just the beginning…

Indemnity is Unseeing Evil

Alexander Gaigg

Suffering is never caused by God since God is the Cause of man and He created us out of joy...

The Prodigals Are Coming Home!

Rachel Tuszewski

God urges all His sons and daughters that it is not too late...

The Crown and the Rod of Iron

Hamish Robertson

Wearing the crown is the symbol of kingship and signifies the sovereignty of true families.

A Woman’s 40-Day Plan to Reinvent a Marriage!

Mary Hapeman

Try this for 40 days and see for yourself as an incredible shift takes place in your marriage.

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