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We believe in America. You know, the America our Founding Fathers originally intended, not this "America" our biased media wants us to believe in. We think for ourselves. We believe the 2nd Amendment applies to all freedom loving individuals - across the planet. We believe it's time to stand together - against tyrants and the destroyers of freedom. Freedom is fragile. Freedom is under attack. Freedom must be defended immediately. Now, are you with us?

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Rod of Iron Freedom Festival 2020

Thank you to all who attended!
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I would urge people to get a copy! An excellent apologetic for the 2nd Amendment. A handbook for dealing with some of the big mistakes people make when talking about the 2nd Amendment, self-defense and limiting the power of government. An excellent compilation of some of the major 2nd Amendment topics we need to have at our fingertips! More...
Larry Pratt, Host
Gun Owner’s News Hour Radio on GCN
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