Praise for Rod of Iron Kingdom

“Pastor Sean’s new book sounds the alarm for 2nd Amendment supporters! The very first page starts you off with explosive new evidence detailing WHY our government will always fail to protect its citizens. Pastor Sean details embarrassing and illogical public policy - all while presenting a call to action for Christian believers to unite and take action. This book outlines in perfect clarity the real reasons people need to follow my motto to: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. A must read!”

Andrew Hallinan,
Florida Gun Supply
“Pastor Hyung Jin Moon provides a complete historical argument for the absolute need to protect and defend the second amendment. Rod of Iron Kingdom is the fully loaded magazine that every patriot needs going into a war of words with any liberal gun grabber.”

Pastor George C. Cook, Senior Pastor
Nehemiah Center for Worship

"An excellent apologetic for the 2nd Amendment.
A handbook for dealing with some of the big mistakes people make when talking about the 2nd Amendment, self-defense and limiting the power of government. I would urge people to get a copy!"

Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus
Gun Owners of America
"Is there a new book on the market more important than Sean Moon's Rod of Iron Kingdom? I think not. It is a reasoned defense of the Second Amendment from the standpoint of faith, history, and common sense. Mr. Moon possesses a lively literary style and a razor-sharp intellect. The most vociferous and ardent liberal who wants to repeal the rights of Americans to own guns has met his match. Read it."

Paul L. Williams, award-winning author of Operation Gladio and Among the Ruins

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