The Soul Within

Alexander Gaigg

Alexander Gaigg


When looking through the Word of God, your initial learning or reaction may be that you have a soul! That is the first step in recognizing an internal, invisible aspect of yourself. This new perception of yourself opens up a whole new world of understanding and possibilities that you may never have thought of before. You are entering the next stage in your life.

When you look within and see that you have a soul, you recognize that something invisible must have created it because how could you have created it when you just discovered it yourself? This in turn points to God, the master creator of all that is invisible. This new acknowledgment of "having a soul" will lead to further steps in your spiritual life. 

Yes, you now have a spiritual life. To have a soul in this life means that you must be spiritual. You cannot have a spiritual life unless you yourself are a spirit, just as you cannot be something without having an environment to support the recognition of what that ‘being’ is. So, to have a soul has the same meaning in being a soul, since you cannot be what you do not have. To have a soul means you are a soul. Having and being are one in the same. 

Since you did not create what you have discovered, there must be a creator then who made your soul. You had looked within and saw you had a soul, recognized its existence, and lastly decided that you are that soul since it was not of you who made it. You have it, so you must be it. The spiritual environment then supports this claim since it is there yourself is recognized. 

So, you are a soul because you have acknowledged that you have a soul. To further clarify, "to have a soul" was the first step in the perception of your spiritual self which would not have been able to be recognized without a creator who has initially made you, and a spiritual environment to support that look within. 

A better description would be to say that you "are a spirit self" inhabiting a physical body. This is the true perception you can use now to further succeed in your spiritual growth with God and understanding the spiritual environment. Why, then, does it take so long to recognize this truth?  

Much can be said about our own physical lives and the physical world around us. We take for granted much of the invisible air we breathe, the automated functions of our hearts beating and lungs expanding, and the warmth of the sunlight. It seems all unseen are what actually allow our lives to be ‘alive.’ And when we finally stop to inquire these unseen realities of ourselves and the world, do we then "see" the truth of ourselves, that we did not create ourselves nor the environment, and that it is the internal, invisible qualities of our lives that constitute the major aspects of our being able to "live" life. 

This new spiritual transformation of recognizing that having a soul is being a spirit due to discovering what has been already created by something, which we call God, all happened due to a shift in your perception that wished to acknowledge what is true. This truth is something you may have wanted to know, but could not have recognized unless you had thought that you do have a soul and decided to looked within.