Indemnity is Unseeing Evil

Alexander Gaigg

Alexander Gaigg


1 Peter 5:10 (KJV) - But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.

Suffering is never caused by God since God is the Cause of man and He created us out of joy. His intention was for us to return joy, always. To suffer, then, is to interact with the inherited sin of our ancestors, or collective, or personal. It is by the grace of True Father, that we can be rid of the Original Sin. We engraft onto his lineage so that we may be able to disconnect from the rest of the sins as well. These sins that we deal with is our suffering. This has been caused by Satan, the first instigator of all that was not good.

Because Christ knows of our situation better than ourselves, we are put through tests to overcome the sins we hold to ourselves and let them go. These trials are put on a time basis of days, weeks, months or years. The time period is necessary for you to overcome the sense of time. God always exists now. You were created to exist now with Him, too. Each time you are tried you are letting go of what is not connected to God. To do this, you need Christ to help you, who has overcome all tests and trials. This is how your Foundation of Faith is set.

Your Foundation of Substance is established by removing your fallen nature. Here is where the adrenaline kicks in. You know that you are a sinner, you know that God is aching for a deeper relationship with you, and you know that no matter how much you judge your brother, you must digest it all with true love. It’s an embrace for impact that swallows the whole embodiment of what is to be. You have given yourself to forgive. There is no greater act than to call upon the glory of God and Christ and let Heaven reign in from above. This is the call for the messiah to come.

And he has come! He will never go away. His presence beseeches all to come to him, so that we may know of God the Father. The Father of love and perfect presence. A stability so certain that eternity would never be more sought for in the future than now. What is there to think of days gone by when God is sitting right beside you. He looks earnestly upon you, as if to say something but only if you are willing to hear. Will you listen? He speaks to you through His Son, Christ. He speaks of your rebirth and your lineage. A lineage gifted onto you so that God can pour His love unto lasting legacies. The legacy of Christ is shared with you.

This is the backbone of the power of God. Your lineage in Christ keeps you dear to God and no evil can touch that. Don’t let evil touch that! A Father would never allow his child to be harmed in any way. What harm has wrought you is of no matter to the grace of God. He shall heal, He shall give, and He shall establish you when you have stood up straight on your two feet. Christ smiles with love upon the child that seeks his comfort and seeks to comfort him. Didn’t your True Father teach you of this? God is a Father to all children, but not all of them recognize Him. Be you the face of Christ to all you meet. God chose you to be of perfect love.

And a settlement is upon you. A settlement of true love. This true love speaks of what is given is received. And you shall receive because you wish to give. Give the love of God today, and see His love glide over the bitterness once held. You kept something that didn’t belong to you. What is not of God is not for you. Return back to God. Your Father is near. His comfort consoles and His Heart beats in rhythm to yours. Be in sync and consider it done. The Foundation of the Messiah has been set. There is no better time to let go than now. Don’t worry… your Father is there to catch you. Do you see Him?