In My Father's Arms

Alexander Gaigg

Alexander Gaigg


"I and my Father are one." - John 10:30 KJV

A child is destined for their Father's love because they were made from it. From the seed into the egg the child is formed in the womb and out comes another individual embodiment of truth perfectly reflecting the love of his or her Father. God is the creator of the universe, but created everything so He could love you. Love can only be experienced in a relationship and not by oneself. And you are the one He had always intended.

God had, is, and will forever love you because of who you are. You are the Child of the most high God, the princes and princess he appointed, and Hyung Jin Nim goes further to say that you are kings and queens of a holy sovereignty given to you by your Lord, your God. Your Father, God, didn't just make you, He raised you with many helping hands to learn of the boundless love He has for you. For you.

Child of God, sinless in His Eyes; keep your head up high and when you open your eyes you will see that you were always in his arms. You were made to be like Him because you were made from Him. This is the Law of Resemblance. This is the law that proves you are God's child. You were created by a loving Creator to give and receive love because that is exactly what God does! You resemble your Father forever and ever.

Held in your Father's arms the world can be viewed at the chest where God's Heart lies. There are you connected for eternity. You are like Him. You give love like God does and receive like He does. The law of appropriation states that you must receive the love that is given to you. When you don't do that, or when you don't give when the impulse of heart requests you to, your Father will give for you. That is called forgiveness.

To "forgive" is 'to give for' the person that didn't have enough love to give or to receive what has been given. When you realize your mistake in not loving a fellow brother or sister to what was his or her due, call upon God and He will forgive you and rightfully 'give for' you. In the recognition of your mistake is your remembrance of God reignited and your desire to love his other children is the invitation of Him to wrap His arms around you again.

We may sometimes step out of those arms, for various reasons and causes. Call back to God and see how fast he swoops down to lift you back up! The One Cause you ever need is God and the only reason is His Love. Here are all things fulfilled, all things forgiven, and all things in their rightful place. This is the true freedom you have sought for, here, in God. The freedom to be God's child. And as children we are still growing towards perfection of oneness in heart with God. That heart can be found in Your Father's Arms.