The Words of God

Alexander Gaigg

Alexander Gaigg


There are many words being written and spoken in today's global society, but have you considered the words that come from God? We search each day for what is true, so as to give meaning to our lives. We listen to what others say and find that it sometimes leads us astray. 

Have you listened to the words of God? If God came to you in person and told you the good news you had hoped for, would you believe it? If God were an absolute God, then wouldn't his words be absolute as well? 

You may find, that if you select a religious tradition and honestly ask for an answer to a plaguing question that you have, you will find an answer. Why is that? First of all, you have finally chosen to listen to the One who has always wanted to talk to you and share with you the wisdom you need. 

Next, you have read something that holds true because it answered your question that no one else could. Lastly, you have begun a relationship with the Creator of the universe and cosmos, that made it all with His words. When we put all of these words from God together, it becomes the Word of God, joined in as one, since God is One and had created everything to be one. Here is communication between Creator and one of His creations restored, because you picked up the Word of God.