Common Sense #4

Thomas Paine Jr.


Oh My !!!! … FIRE !!!!!

The alarm goes off as it has many early mornings, removing me from the place my mind and soul have traveled to in the realm of dreams. There is that transition where I am not sure where I am. Is it the realm that my mind and heart have taken me to while my eyes are closed to the world, or is it the world I left behind when I placed myself between the covers a few hours ago? Bit by bit that alarm and the physical sensations tell me I am returning to what I left yesterday. Slowly I stagger to the shower starting my morning rituals. One being the morning breakfast. Into the kitchen I go. Bacon and eggs it will be. The bacon to the pan as I turn the burner on, starting a transition to the “meat candy” I love. To the plate it goes awaiting the eggs. Three eggs whipped together and poured into the pan, eggs, scrambled. At this moment my body reminds me of an important function I overlooked earlier, off to the bathroom quickly. Once there I do what is needed and the body feels a sense of balance and harmony. I make sure all is neat and tidy before departing.

Stepping through the doorway I am greeted by the smell of smoke and haze in the air. Oh my !!! ...I rush around the corner to the kitchen and there are my scrambled eggs, fully ablaze. Not only the eggs, but the stove top and flames racing up the sides of the cabinets beside the stove as well. Smoke pouring to the ceiling as the flames attempt to chase after the smoke ever higher and bigger. My heart races, the blood pressure just popped the balloon, the mind is suddenly noticing every detail before me.

Fortunately long ago I was challenged to overcome my ignorance about fire. Starting with when I first burned my finger in a camp fire. My father told me that pain will help me remember fire is not to be played with and it can hurt you. Later on he took me to the remains of a forest fire. Still later on I saw the remains of a house consumed by it. From the annual burning of the leaves to various camping adventures the lack of understanding of fire was made less and replaced with a knowledge and respect of it. I had and always will have a fear of an uncontrolled fire, but I also have the knowledge of what it is and how it functions. With that “education” came the understanding of what things influence a fire. So without much of a thought I bolt to the cabinet below the sink and out comes the fire extinguisher. A quick pull on the pin to send it flying and a mighty squeeze on the handle, sending its retardant forward. At the base, the very root, of the fire I place the discharge as the flames start to diminish and soon only a terrible mess and smoke filled room remain.

I will spare you the details of the clean up and dealing with the insurance company or having to face the wife about nearly destroying our home. What I will leave you with is what this has to do with the Rod of Iron Kingdom and firearms.

I did NOT have the fire extinguisher because I wanted or even expected that I would face a fire in my home. I had it just in case there was. Think about what would have been the result without it. Most likely my home would have become a pile of ashes as I 'depend' upon someone else to deal with and battle the uncontrolled fire, and by the time they got there it would have been much bigger and worse.

It is the same with my firearms. I do not have them because I want to fight with them, or even expect to fight with them. I use them to hunt, enjoy target shooting for the bragging rights, and controlling pests upon the farm land. I use fire for many a reason, including making my eggs. Just as fire took time to understand and respect so to with my firearms. Further, like fire, if misused or mishandled, they can cause terrible things. Like a fire, firearms have no heart nor soul nor mind. It is dependent upon the one using it to provide those. What to do when a firearm is misused and out of control? The fire extinguisher of firearms is another firearm in the hands of a responsible person who understands and respects firearms for what they are and capable of. A person who if need be is willing to use that firearm to protect all that is precious and good around him.

To see and believe that firearms are evil is the same as seeing and believing fire as evil. Like fire, firearms are to be understood and respected. You should be the master of them and not live in fear of them. There is only one form of gun control that is actually successful, and that is you mastering firearms and understanding how to hit what you shoot at, and when and why to use a firearm.

The world we know and want cannot exist without fire, and there will always be fire, regardless of how many laws mindless politicians make. There will always be a need and reason for firearms to exist. The only question is: are you going to be the master of them or are you going to live in fear and ignorance of them? One allows you to be a King or Queen, and the other you are merely a serf to tyrants.

Your brother in battle

Thomas Paine jr.