Common Sense #2

Thomas Paine Jr.


In the prior installment I left you with this

'You do not own what you are not able to protect'

What does that have to do with the Rod of Iron Kingdom? Let me start with a well known tale of the Creator and the betrayal by fallen mankind.

“So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. “

Genesis 3:24

Even God himself the very origin and creator has a weapon that is fearsome and is used to defend and protect what is of value to him. Why is this so?

Without getting lost in a bunch of emotional and intellectual 'weeds' the simple fact is that since God gave Free Will and Responsibility to mankind the POSSIBILITY for betrayal and evil exists. If a person chooses to go against what is good and proper, not even God can PREVENT them from doing evil and expressing it. That is true freedom. Still there is responsibility that comes with that freedom and this is where the weapon of heaven comes into play. Yes you may choose to do what is wrong and evil, but you will have to face the consequences of your choice and action. God 'DROVE' man out of the garden. In other words man was not given a choice at that point, and once out of the garden a fearsome weapon was used to prevent the man from entering back into it. This is one of the consequences of man's choosing to do evil.

The reason I write of this is that the reality of our lives is no different. We exist in a world where every day and moment people are faced with a choice of either good or evil. Some choose goodness and others choose evil. Since the potential to choose evil does exist and evil always attempts to destroy what is good, those that choose to be good MUST have a means to protect themselves and what is theirs from evil. That is a weapon that is able to destroy the evil person if they cross the line / boundary of the Kingdom of goodness. The Rod of Iron is such a weapon, and it is expressed and realized in a firearm at this time and place.

I mentioned that I was not going to get lost in 'what if's' and 'maybe's'. The truth is quite simple. Evil exists, and each of us has a responsibility to protect ourselves from evil. It is not the responsibility of someone else, but YOU should be able to defend yourself. If you are unwilling to defend what is yours then you have forsaken the right to be a King or Queen. You have given up on being a free person, and you have agreed to be a SLAVE, and not only a slave, but a slave to EVIL itself.

Long ago from the wilderness one was sent to challenge the leader(s) of the evil world and kingdoms and spoke these words.


He did not come promising health care, hand outs, or other things you did not earn yourself, but rather he came promising Freedom, and the inheritance of our Father, the Creator himself. A place where men are judged by their words and deeds, not by who they know and their status positions. Where the fruits or ones labors are theirs and not obligated to any other. Where charity truly comes from YOUR heart and compassion. A place where, like a great American prophet said

“a man is not judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character”

Such a place only exist where each and every man is King of his household and it is protected by weapons capable of defeating the attacks of evil, among them the Rod of Iron, today's modern firearms.

In the next installment I will look at the history and development of what is the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and its fundamental reason for being.


Thomas Paine Jr.

Your brother in battle