Common Sense #1

Thomas Paine Jr.


The idea of 'king' is not new, but just what is meant when we use and think of a king? If we look at history we see as far back as we have information the idea of one who not only rules over you with the power to regulate every aspect of your life both private and public but also one who OWNS you. You are the peasant (property) of the 'King' (owner). Every facet of your existence the king has authority (power) over. Your very life is at the beckon and call of the king. I could go through a long list of examples of the 'rights' of a king, but since I am writing and communicating with people who are able to reason for themselves, I will leave the detailed history of this to your own efforts and passion. I fear not what you will find for it will only testify to what I have already stated.

To conclude the starting point of what or who is a King, in most simple terms is the one who rules over and posses (owns) ALL things. He has ALL authority in ALL matters in his 'Kingdom'.

I have now used the term Kingdom, so let us not assume to much and just as was done for the term and idea of king, let us be clear and concise about 'Kingdom'. To that end let me state it is the possessions, territory, and wealth the King exercises his authority and control over, and the boundaries are clearly defined and understood, defended and protected.

Though out the dark, dim, and suffering history of our ancestors very few ever lived a life of Kingship. Of those that have all have been based on oppression and blood of others with one exception. Two thousand years ago there was King. He built a Kingdom not based on the blood of others or the theft of others labor. Rather it is based on His Blood, and His Labors. Those that are part of that Kingdom choose to do so at the risk of their personal blood and belongings. This is not a Kingdom ruled by violence or threat of violence like all others but rather one ruled by the original idea of the Three Great Blessings (promises) given to mankind at his creation by the loving Father, the creator, God himself. Those Three Great Blessings are

  1. Be fruitful (complete)
  2. Multiply (expand)
  3. Have dominion (rule, have authority)

In the most straightforward sense they mean the following.

  1. Be a KING by knowing who you are and your birthright as a Child of God and fulfill it.
  2. God is eternal and for your Kingdom to be eternal like your Father's it needs to expand and live through the ages. This is done by the lineage (children) and is why family is the foundation of the Kingdom of God.
  3. You protect and defend what was given you with authority and power.

It is this last Blessing / promise I will focus on and speak to going forward. I will refer to it as the “Rod of Iron Kingdom” though I am not the first to do so. I am not interested in 'theories' or 'what ifs'. I will address very direct and real ways what this is and how it is expressed and enacted. I will begin to lay that out in the next installment as I leave you with this until next time.

You do not own what you are not able to protect.

Your brother in battle,

Thomas Paine Jr.